About Charles J. Hargrove


    Personal Info

    • oldest of 8 children
    • father was democrat and mother republican
    • married 35 years with 4 daughters (widowed)
    • 2 oldest daughters in military (US Army, USMC)
    • remarried in late 2016 to JHS/HS friend
    • attended NYC Public Schools (PS17Q, PS32R, IS24R, Tottenville HS, Baruch College)
    • financial trader (Fed Funds, forex, GNMA)
    • financial back-office consultant
    • co-owner Satview/Plus (sales/service large satellite dishes, wireless alarm systems, etc)
    • computer systems consultant/database programmer
    • Director of Operations for $30m sales firm
    • Network administrator and IT supervisor
    • USPS electronic technician and supervisor

    Civic Involvement

    • amateur radio emergency communications leader since 1992 (NYC-ARECS)
    • teaching FCC licensing classes since 1992
    • support numerous charity events each year using amateur radio
    • past member Red Cross Disaster Team on SI and disaster services instructor
    • member US Coast Guard Auxiliary and past Vice Flotilla Commander
    • interviewed by radio, TV, newspaper and magazines for disaster response (9/11, 2003 Blackout, etc)
    • recognized by FEMA, news media and local government for Hurricane Sandy activities


    Personal Views

    • everyone has free-agency/free-will
    • everyone should follow the Constitution
    • everyone should follow the law until it is changed
    • everyone should be able to understand the law
    • everyone should be able to have their voice heard
    • government is best that governs least
    • government needs to balance it's books like a family balances a checkbook
    • government needs to maintain basic services appropriate for it's level:
    •    a) federal: borders, interstate commerce, national defense
    •    b) state: highways, courts, prisons, welfare, health
    •    c) local: schools, first responder agencies, streets, sanitation, water
    • there should be a line item veto
    • there should be no earmarks on bills
    • a bill should be readable by non-lawyers and no longer than a few pages
    • money supply/policy handled by the US Treasury & not private Federal Reserve Corp owned by the banks


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